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Kuressaare Maritime Festival, held on Raiekivi Säär peninsula, has been a consistent delight every August for 23 years already for the locals and visitors alike. The first festival took place in 1997. This year, the 24rd Maritime Festival takes place on August 6-8, 2020.


The spirit of Kuressaare Maritime Festival is a happy, youthful and lively one, caring for nature and oneself, enjoying every day. Just like every visitor of our festival!  


Kuressaare Maritime Festival has gradually grown into the biggest event on Saaremaa, offering a wide variety of concerts, a fairground with really diverse stalls, most delicious food, a cool area for children, sea buzz and ships. 


The 23rd Kuressaare Maritime Festival takes place on August 4-10 all around the island of Saaremaa. This year, its main theme is folklore. The festival features artists with creative attitude to folk music but also maintaining respect for their predecessors and their heritage. However, you can also find a few entertainers on the programme who are not directly folklore driven. 

The main concerts take place on August 9-10 on the two stages of Raiekivi Säär peninsula. The opening ceremony will be held in central Kuressaare on August 4. On August 5-9, the festival moves to the marinas of Saaremaa – Kungla, Soela, Veere, Lõmala and Nasva. You will find concerts and festival hustle and bustle in those picturesque sites by the sea. Marina events are free for everyone. 


As a new and striking feature, we have added fetching street artists with their fabulous acts. There will also be renowned musicians native to the island of Saaremaa playing the Estonian concertinas. 


Welcome to Kuressaare Maritime Festival 2020

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